About Calvin

Calvin Yoder is a bi-vocational commissioned minister with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). During the week, he can be found on the highways driving his tractor-trailer delivering much needed goods while listening to lectures by various professors about Christianity, Judaism, philosophy, etc. Calvin has a passion for learning and growing as a human, a Christian, and a minister. During the weekends, he brings blessings to the Canoe Camp Church family by taking on the role of pastor. He can be reached at 570-850-5809.

Upcoming Sermon Topics and Scripture References

Dec. 3: “Don’t fear the wait!” Isaiah 64:1-9

Dec. 10: “Blazing a path to Christ!” Isaiah 40:1-11

Dec. 17: “A new day is coming!” Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11

Dec. 24 AM: “Receiving the Presence of God” Luke 1:26-55

Dec. 24 PM: “A Service of Carols and Lights”

Dec. 31: “Rich Poor, Poor Rich” James 5 : 1-6

Jan. 7: “Patience, Please!” James 5:7-12

Jan. 14: “Prayer, Amen” James 5:13-20